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Cleveland Child Custody Lawyers

Youngstown Visitation and Custody Lawyers

Our Ohio family law attorneys understand the difficult decisions you need to make during divorce. When children are involved, your decisions will affect not only your life, but also the lives of your children.

At Anthony & Zomoida, we place great emphasis on protecting the interests of your children during divorce. We frame our guidance and representation against the court’s best interest of the child test. We also approach your divorce with the philosophy of pursuing reasonable, fair resolutions for child custody and child support.

Custody Myths

Our family law attorneys realize that myths about child custody exist. You may have misconceptions about how your case will turn out, and we want you prepared for the realities of the court. Today, mothers and fathers have a more balanced opportunity for custody.

Courts are recognizing more liberal custody arrangements. While it used to be more commonplace for mothers to gain legal custody, fathers can also pursue custody. Our firm represents mothers and fathers — we understand the issues from both sides. We can evaluate your situation and provide guidance tailored to your needs.

Typical Arrangements

When following the best interest of the child test, shared parenting has become a typical custody scenario. In shared parenting, both parents are given legal custody when the children are in their possession.

This arrangement helps provide a favorable family relationship. The court holds each parent responsible for working together peacefully to choose their children’s:

  • School
  • Religion
  • Medical/dental/psychological care
  • Extracurricular activities

Grandparents’ Rights to Visitation

Grandparents have certain visitation rights under Ohio law. We represent grandparents pursuing visitation. Our Youngstown visitation lawyers also represent parents opposed to grandparents spending time with their children. We can evaluate your situation and provide effective guidance according to the law.

Guardian At Litem and Custody

Child custody can be contentious if both parties are not willing to approach it peacefully. Our Cleveland child custody attorneys have witnessed big fights concerning which parent gets to be in charge. In Ohio, the judge can appoint a Guardian At Litem to represent the best interests of your children. A Guardian Ad Litem is an attorney appointed by the Court charged with the responsibility of advocating what custody and visitation orders are in the children’s best interests.

Custody evaluations can also occur. In these evaluations, industry professionals, including psychiatrists, social workers and psychologists, meet with all parties and children. After running a complex series of assessments, the professionals provide an opinion on which parent should be granted legal custody.

Free Consultations

We do not charge a fee for your first consultation. Please contact our Cleveland office at 440-550-4493 or our Youngstown office at 330-423-1534. For your convenience, we also welcome e-mails.